1080p Electric Sheep

Flock 711 Sheep Pack #1
80 video animations

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I am Stan Weddington, and I have been an independent contributor of flam3 genomes to the electric sheep project since 2010 (as freakiebeat). After several years of rendering high-definition (720p & 1080p) videos based on flam3 genomes I decided to fill the void within the electric sheep world with full high-def 1080p sheep.

Sheep Dreams creates sheep packs that are independently curated collections of high definition 1080p Electric Sheep loops and edges designed to be played within the Electric Sheep screensaver program. Any version of the Electric Sheep screensaver that plays gold sheep will also play Sheep Dreams sheep. While the Sheep Dreams sheep play as gold sheep within the screensaver, a gold membership subscription IS NOT needed to play these sheep. The Electric Sheep screensaver can be obtained from the electricsheep.org website.

Flock 711 is the first sheep flock released by Sheep Dreams. Flock 711's pack #1 consist of 80 fractal video animations (24 loops & 56 edges). Each flock 711 pack #1 video is rendered to a length of 10 seconds @ 30 fps. After evaluating pack #1, I decided that all future flock 711 packs will extend the video length by 50% to 15 seconds @ 30 fps, which will increase the overall fractal animation detail. You can find videos and still images of the 1080p sheep on the Sheep Dreams Facebook page.

To install the flock 711 1080p Electric Sheep Pack:

  - Open Electric Sheep Preferences.

  - Under the [Advanced] tab open the content folder.

  - Move the "10711pack1" directory into the "mpeg" directory within the content directory.

A few suggestions regarding the Electric Sheep preferences -

  (1) Under the [Flock] tab, set the Gold Flock max disk space to unlimited.
      - The
1080p electricsheep are large files compared to the free and gold sheep, so the more space available, the better.
flock 711 Sheep Pack #1 is approximately 3.5 Gb, and future flock 711 Sheep Packs can max out at 6 Gb+ each.

  (2) Under the [Playback] tab, turn seamless playback OFF (unchecked).

  (3) Under the [Advanced] tab:
      - Turn 'Negative Votes Delete Sheep' OFF (unchecked).
Normal Electric Sheep voting does not effect 1080p sheep, but if this option is checked, a down vote will still render the sheep unplayable.

      - Make 'Flock Choice' = "Play All Sheep" or "Play Only Gold Sheep"
          Sheep Dreams 1080p sheep play as gold sheep, so if this setting is "Play Only Free Sheep", then the 1080p sheep will never play.